Daisy Chain Acrylic Earrings
Daisy Chain Acrylic Earrings
Daisy Chain Acrylic Earrings
Daisy Chain Acrylic Earrings

Daisy Chains

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A mix of Nudes, Mirror and Glitter trio of daisy chains 

Designed, laser cut, etched & assembled right here by the team at Mashup


3mm Acrylic

Starter: Approx 15mm Wide

Length: 55mm Approx 

Posts & Backs: Surgical Steel Post | Butterfly Back

Caring for your Acrylic Earrings:

Treat your Acrylic Earrings with love & store them in a Jewellery stand or Tissue Paper. Check out our MashUp Jewellery Storage if you don't have a Jewellery stand. 

Acrylic should be kept dry where possible. Please don't Bathe, Shower or Submerge your MashUp Earrings in water. 

To keep your earrings looking fresh use a microfibre cloth (Like the ones you get with your Prescription Glasses or Sunglasses), standard towels or tissues will scratch your Acrylic.

Don't store your pieces near heat sources or hot areas, this can cause your earrings to warp. Storing them in a dark relatively cool area with prolong your jewels life.

Acrylic is a durable material, however it can retain smells and discolour if it comes in contact with some liquids. Please keep away from Body Lotion, Sunscreen, Hairspray, Perfume & Soap.

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