Polymer Clay Shape Cutters 15mm

15mm Polymer Clay Cutters - Basic Shapes

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This set of Polymer Clay Cutters has been custom 3D printed in the heart of Cobar by our friends at Chaotic Phoenix Creations

You will receive 3 x 15mm cutters in the following shapes:




These Polymer Clay Cutters are perfect for the Beginners or the Experts. They are easy to clean in Luke Warm Water

Caring for you Clay Cutter:

Always hand wash your 3D Printed Polymer Clay Cutter with warm soapy water. Do not leave to soak.

Polymer Clay Cutters are not Dishwasher Safe.

Store in a cool dry place. Please don't store heavy items onto of your Polymer Clay Cutter.

Polymer Clay Cutters made with 3D printed plastic have a low melting point and should be kept away from heat sources such as direct sunlight for long periods of time, hot foods, stove tops, ovens etc. Contact with heat and or pressure may cause cutters to warp, break or melt.