How-to spotlight on the MashUp Creative Kids Polymer Clay Kit

Have you been wondering what your little people can do with our polymer clay kit? 

Welllll i'm glad you asked, let me start by telling you all about the contents of our kit.

You will recieve the following:

  • 6 colours of Sculpey polymer clay
  • An assortment of earring sized clay cutters in different shapes and sizes
  • 1 x solid arylic rolling pin
  • pliers
  • surgical steel earring posts, backs, jump rings and jewellery glue
  • 1 x dual ended pattern/dotting tool (for adding designs to your clay)
  • Clip cutters and clip backs
  • Earring display cards for your masterpiece 
  • 1 x silicone bead keychain kit
  • Gold craft foil
  • 1 x tube of assorted glitter
  • All in a nifty little compartment craft box

Your kit comes with enough clay to make up to 20 pairs of clay studs or dangle earrings and 5 clips.

Theres so many ways you can use clay to make earrings, the easiest approach is to choose a colour for the base of your acrylic, roll it out to approx 3mm in thickness. Choose your accent colours and decide how tou want it to look, for a spotty effect you could use tiny little dots of clay (about half the size of your pinky nail) and add them to your base colour in any pattern you like. Once you have your accent tones added to your base slab, use your rolling pin to combine your layers (again to around 3mm in thickness) and cut your shapes.

Once your shapes are cut keep your leftover clay from this project somewhere safe, our next blog with be a detailed guide on how to turn your scrap clay into beautiful jewellery!

Molly x